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House Hunting Checklist

                                                                                            House Hunting Checklist

Going through the home purchasing process is already stressful enough. What happens if you run into a home and it has some qualities and features that you liked but you can't remember what they are after going through and visiting so many homes on your list? Well if you had our property walkthrough checklist you would have that information in front of you! You can print out this checklist and use it on all of your property walkthroughs so that you don't miss any qualities or defects that you find in a home that you are visiting. One of the biggest criticisms that we receive in the real estate industry is not having a system to take notes of things that are important and trying to remember everything off the top of our heads. This is NOT the way that we want your home purchase experience to go so we do what we can to make it easier for you.

Our checklist provides you with every essential thing that you need to remember for your home walkthrough. Before you start down the avenue to walk through any homes, grab a pen and a clipboard, then download our Free House Hunting Checklist! If you are going to look for your next home with your significant other, you can both have your own checklists and compare notes once you are finished on your home walkthroughs to see if you are on the same page or have the same rating for each home.

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