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For Sale By Owners

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The real estate profession is a very interesting beast where agents are reliant to a degree on other agents who we are actively in competition with. In addition to the real estate agents, the internet provides homeowners a chance to effectively market their home better than ever before. We respect a homeowner's decision to market and sell their home on their own, in actuality, if anyone is willing to put in the efforts that we do daily to reach the goal of completing a real estate transaction, we can't do anything but take our hats off to that. All too often, the real estate industry ignores this very passionate and important segment of the market. Our team feels as if we can help For Sale By Owners properly and effectively market their home to potential home buyers better than anyone else there are many benefits for us to do so as well! Our job is to make every effort to know the local market as best as we possibly can to better serve the public. This includes all segments of the real estate market, especially the underserved homeowners who are attempting to sell their home on their own. 

Why FSBOs Matter To Us

How we create a Win-Win environment for FSBOs to Thrive


Win for Us

Think about it this way, if we have a buyer who is looking to purchase quickly with a specific desire for their next home and the only thing we do is look at the homes that are available in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), then we are doing our client a very unjust disservice if we don't know what inventory is available from all available sources. Additionally, if we have a seller who wants a qualified home buyer who is ready, willing, and able to purchase their home, we should also consider FSBOs who recently had their home sell or come under contract. Our logic is that it's our job to know about all homes that are available for sale, be honest with quality and useful information, and to assist the public to gain their trust as the ONLY go-to real estate source in the area! Truthfully, we all have families to feed and REALTORS® generally don't earn a living unless we are involved with closing a real estate transaction. We feel if we provide a helpful solution to a homeowner to allow them to sell their home, they will use us as their agent when they look to purchase their next home after the current home sells and everybody wins. 

Win For You

We offer to come and view your home, without any sort of listing obligation, at a time that's convenient for you. We'll often even assess the market, provide area reports and information, and even give FSBOs a list of potential buyers that is hard for them to gain access to.  We have an option for you to receive our weekly update via social media to let you know what type of activity has gone on in the previous weeks and months in our market and our Market Data & Analytics Center provides live market data for our users to educate themselves which we haven't seen yet from any other agent's website! Additionally, we give For Sale By Owners the option to market their home on our website at no additional charge! We direct all of our buyers to search from home using our home search and if your home falls within the criteria of their search, your home will show up as an available home for sale just like any other home on the MLS. Finally, once you are a success at getting an offer on your home, you'll have access to our expertise and customer-centric service to help you down the avenue to your next home purchase!

As the saying goes, you'll get more bees with honey than vinegar. We know that we get more homeowners who will use our services to find their next home once their home sells if we provide quality information and help them accomplish their goals of selling their home. If you are thinking about selling your home or currently have your home on the market as a For Sale By Owner, congratulations! We want to help you by providing you with an agent walkthrough of your property, area, and property reports, a series of daily emails with quality information and tools that can make all the difference in getting your home sold! Sign up for our FSBO Pro package for FREE by clicking the link below!
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